DCS Spitfire LF Mk.IX: Epsom Campaign Released

Fly the legendary Spitfire LF Mk. IX over Normandy in June 1944 as the allies attempt to break out of the D-Day landing beachheads. Battle German forces in the air and on the ground as the allies push south over 12 missions south of the Juno and Gold landing beaches.

World of Warships Game Update 0.6.8

World of Warships has seen a massive update to 0.6.8. The update includes changes and new content in the following areas of the game: Dunkirk event Quick commands Supercontainers Special Upgrades Balance Adjustments Maps and Locations Ship Appearance Changes Operation Changes Improvements and Fixes New Content Dunkirk Event It is

DCS World 1.5.7 Open Beta Update

On the 7th of July the DCS World 1.5.7 update was released to Open Beta and should be available to the public very soon. This update primarily adds support for the DCS: World War II Assets pack but also fixes a number of issues including restoring the RCtrl+NumEnter default zoom

Squad Alpha Hotfix 9.7

A small hotfix will be released today to address a few of the issues introduced in 9.6. Here are the changes: Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching Fixed “Gamma” flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1 Reduced bleed on “Alpha”


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