ESPG Arma 3 Server Details

Server Details

ESPG host a 24/7 dedicated Arma3 server the details of which can be found below.

Server Name ESPG Public Arma3 APEX hosted by Dyneslott
Server Address
Arma3Sync Repo Link


Whilst most of our missions do not require addons, some do. If you are having problems connecting please download and install ArmaA3Sync then click on the ‘Arma3Sync Repo Link’ in the table below. This will then allow you download and configure the required addons. The ArmaA3Sync wiki contains all the help you’ll need to get started.

Server Rules

  • Intentional team killing & friendly vehicle damage will not be tolerated on this server.
  • Cheating/hacking and you will be banned, no questions.
  • You will be kicked from the game if your player name is set to ‘administrator’.
  • You may be kicked/banned from the server for using inflammatory language or using an offensive nickname.
  • Please follow the orders of ESPG members. If you are asked exit a vehicle by a clan member please do so. Failure to comply may result in a kick.
  • Your Discord MUST be set to ‘push to talk’.
  • We reserve the right to ban anyone who is one cup short of a cabinet™

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