DCS World 1.5.7 Open Beta Update

On the 7th of July the DCS World 1.5.7 update was released to Open Beta and should be available to the public very soon. This update primarily adds support for the DCS: World War II Assets pack but also fixes a number of issues including restoring the RCtrl+NumEnter default zoom function and updates to some of the flight manuals. The change log can be found here.
Additionally there is an upcoming update to include the Su-33 for DCS World / Flaming Cliffs 3. This is a significant update which adds a number of features including more accurate simulation of the control surfaces, both leading and trailing edges and differential ailerons. An improvement to the canard behaviour for a more realistic flight dynamics has been added in addition to the conventional differential stabilisers. The flight control system (FCS) will now automatically reconfigure itself depending on the flight mode.
These updates for the Su-33 along with a number of other adaptions makes this aircraft carrier capable. Reinforced landing struts and an improved wing fold mechanism as well as physical arrestor hook mechanism improvements make for an increasingly realistic experience.

Written by: Deckard

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