ESPG Host Medal of Honor: Revival Edition Server

Back in 2002 there really was only one definitive World War Two first person shooter on the PC and that game was Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.

Together with it’s two expansion packs Spearhead and Breakthrough it not only captured the essence of a playable exciting World War Two action game but for the first time really made you feel like you were there on the beaches and in the bocage of Normandy. In 2002 it’s graphics were top notch. It offered an accessible multiplayer system that didn’t just appeal to World War Two action fans alone. 15 years later it still has some of the best gameplay you’ll find in any first person shooter to date. It was simply put, ground breaking.

On July 16, 2014 GameSpy shutdown all multiplayer support of the game. A group of fans got together and released all game files in one handy download along with X-Null community online server browser patch that was released to replace the old GameSpy functionality. Thanks to this we can all still enjoy the game in all it’s glory.

ESPG now host a Medal of Honor: Revival Edition server which supports all of the Allied Assault expansion maps released. Drop in for a game anytime and relive those classic moments once more!.

Visit Medal of Honor: Revival Edition’s page for more information

Written by: Jman

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