Squad Alpha 9.8 Released

Alpha 9.8 has been released! While it’s not a big one, it’s laying the groundwork for more good things to come…
Here are the changes:
  • Updated to UE 4.16
  • Replaced Strykers with MAT-V CROWS on Sumari AAS v2 & v3, added one M939 transport truck to each layer
  • Added one BTR-80 to Militia on Goro AAS v2 and fixed the flag bleed
  • Moved temporary INS spawn point on Al Basrah slightly to prevent overlap with Mosque flag
  • Fixed flag ticket gain/loss bug on Goro AAS v1
  • Added mercy bleed to Kokan AAS v1 & v2 and Yeho AAS v1 & v2
  • Fixed flag bleed rate on Chora AAS v1
  • Fixed flag bleed on Refinery on Al Basrah AAS v1
  • Fixed flag bleed on Echo flag on Narva AAS v1
  • Tweaked LODs on several trees
  • Improved animation LOD-ing settings
  • Fixed vehicles catching fire too quickly when flipped
  • Fixed vehicles burning for a very long time after being flipped
  • Changed restitution values on vehicle bodies
  • Fixed weapon skins not working
  • Fixed players glitching through landscape
  • Fixed most cases of revives in mid-air or below ground

Written by: Jman

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